Pets of the Week for September 21, 2020

Operations Update: The shelter is still open for adoptions by appointment only, so interested adopters should call 410-836-1090 or email with the name of the animal they're interested in meeting. Thanks!

September Adoption Special: 50% off every animal in the shelter!

5 year old female mixed breed
I'm a lean, serene, lovin' machine! The name's Minnie and if I were a dessert, I'd be a slice of pumpkin pie because I'm smooth, sweet, and sprinkled with everything nice. Plus, I wouldn't mind being topped with whipped cream...yummy! Do you have a yard? Do you have toys where you live? And a bed to sleep on? Oh boy, I really hope you call 410-836-1090 or email and make an appointment to meet me today. I can't wait to see your place and make it mine too. Think of all the leaves we could roll in this fall!!
Adoption Fee: $80 (for September)

10 year old male Domestic short hair mix
My name is Mister, but you may as well call me Mr. Personality or Mr. Official Greeter because I always run up to say hello you when you come into the community cat room. I decided early on that everyone who comes in needs my love! I'll win you over because I'm not shy about giving or receiving affection. I would love nothing more then to sit on a couch and get loads of attention. I do however need a little help with exercise and portion control. Perhaps we can start a reality show like biggest loser but for cats like me. I think we should meet. If you agree, please contact the shelter today at 410-836-1090 or
Adoption Fee: $22.50 (for September)

1 year old male rabbit
The name King really suits me. Just look at how majestic I am. I love sitting around my palace and eating hay till my heart's content. I also enjoy royal hops around the grounds greeting my subjects as I pass by. I must demand attention from everyone. Getting petted behind the royal ears is just the best. So if you are looking for a new ruler of your castle, look no further than I. Contact the shelter today so they may grant you an appointment with me!
Adoption Fee: $12.50 each (for September)