Pets of the Week for January 27, 2020

6 year old female mixed breed
Have you been lonely, bored, looking for some fun? Me, too! My name is Dora, and I'm also looking for a buddy. Take me with you on your next trip into town - I can't wait to ride along next to you! We can stop and get some ice cream, sit on the beach and enjoy our treat, then snuggle on the couch later before bed time. I may not be game for long hikes, but if you're also someone that likes to take it easy, I'm your girl! Let me be your one and only, I promise I will love you forever.
Adoption Fee: $95

6 year old female Domestic Shorthair mix
I've got a secret I've been trying to hide, but I heard one time that I'll feel better if I talk about it. So here goes. I, um, well, I have the ability to fall in love with people really easily. I've been burned in the past, but I still keep coming back, hoping I'll fall in love with someone special that can love me back. Is this normal? Anyway, my name is Yuletide and you'll find me waiting in the cages just off the main lobby. I'm the one with the greenish yellow eyes and pink heart-shaped nose!
Adoption Fee: $45

3 month old male Guinea Pigs
How did that old chewing gum commercial go? You know, the one with the twins on the bicycle: "double your pleasure, double your fun, it's the right one, the Doublemint gum!" We're Beavis and Steel and we're 3-month-old brothers, with double the cuteness and double the entertainment! We're one dynamic duo who do everything together like sleeping, snacking and playing. With faces this sweet, hopefully we won't be here long, so get to the shelter to meet us and consider doubling your fun!
Adoption Fee: $20 each