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Who Will Manage Your Social Media?

In previous blogs we have talked about Social Media Planning and things like what to post and why to post it, but many small business owners are still struggling with the “Who.” As in who will manage their social media?

As I mentioned in my previous blogblog on building your Social Media Strategy, it’s great to have multiple people involved in generating content for your Social Media profiles. However it’s also important to designate a single person that can manage them all effectively. If there are too many hands in the pot, you risk diluting your brand with bad content that does not match the tone you wish to portray for your business.

So, how do you find someone that can effectively navigate your social media platforms and post content that is relevant to your business in a consistently? There are 3 different approaches to consider at when faced with this task:

Designate the Task Internally

If you have someone internally that has the time and ability to take on the task of social media management, this may be a good place to start. Choosing this strategy may be cost effective up front, but business owner need to know that good social media management does take time! You must be willing to allot sufficient time, training and resources to whoever you designate this task too.

Hire an Internal Social Media Manager

If you decide to choose this strategy it is important to be conscious of the full scope of this role prior to starting the hiring process. Hiring a new employee often comes as a substantial investment so you will want to make sure you properly vet all prospects to ensure you get the best return for your investment. A Social Media Manager should be: Internet Savvy, Organized, Creative, Flexible, Adaptable and have good time management skills, just to start.

Hire an External Social Media Company

Just like hiring internally, hiring an external social media partner comes with new costs to consider. In our blog post “Choosing the right Digital Partner” Melissa addresses 5 ways to vet businesses before you decide to partner with them. It’s important to do your research before going into a commitment with a company that will essentially become your business’s online “voice”.

Now that we have discussed “What to Post”, “Why to Post” and “Who will Post” we should jump into the “Where”… Where should you be posting? Download our new e-Book, “The Social Media Game: What’s Your Missing Piece?” for even more helpful tips and tools to get you started!

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