WSTW / WDEL / Faith 1510AM
Ultimate Football Pool
Week #17

Thanks to our friends at McGlynn's Pub, we're happy to bring you another big year of the WSTW/WDEL/Faith 1510AM Ultimate Football Pool! Lots of great prizes are up for grabs, and best of all, it's simple to play! Just tell us who you think will be the winners of this weekend's games. We'll count up the scores each week and award prizes to the highest scorers. The Top player will pick up one of our great weekly prizes. And be sure to play every week of the season for your chance at a grand prize trip for two to Coral Level at Iberostar Selection Cancun in Cancun, Mexico courtesy of Apple Vacations.

Current Contest Standings

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, Fred Lynch of New Castle! Thanks for another great season of the Ultimate Football Pool. We hope to see you again next season!

How it works

It's easy to play. Each week, we'll post the coming weekend's full slate of NFL games. Go down the list and decide which team will win each game. You'll also need to answer our tie-breaker question, which is usually what you think will be the total number of points scored in that week's Monday Night Football game.

Weekly bonus point

Ever heard of a Survivor Pool? In those pools, you pick one team each week, and you can only pick that team once for the entire season. If your team wins, you get to keep playing. If not, you're done. Don't worry, we won't be kicking you out of the contest if your team doesn't win. But you'll get one bonus point added to your score if they do! Don't forget - you can only pick each team once for the entire season.

Play when you want

You have full control of when and how you make your picks for each game. Is there an early game on the schedule this week, but you're not ready to make your picks for the later games? No problem! You can submit picks just for the early games, and come back later to make the rest of your picks. Or maybe a team's star player is suddenly not going to play this week? Don't worry! As long as the game hasn't started yet, you can change your pick. Manage your picks as closely or loosely as you want, to increase your chances of winning our prizes. (Note: Survivor Picks must be received by kickoff of the first game of the week.)

Scoring & Prizes

Every Tuesday after all of the week's games are played, we'll score the entries. The player with the top score* each week wins our Weekly Prize: a Gift Certificate to McGlynn's Pub & Restaurant!

But don't stop at the Weekly Prizes; we'll keep tallying your scores after that. The person with the most points at the end of the NFL regular season will receive the Grand Prize: A 6-day/5-night all-inclusive vacation for two, including airfare, to Coral Level at Iberostar Selection Cancun in Cancun, Mexico, courtesy of Apple Vacations!

* - In the event several entries tie, we will use the tie-breaker question. The person who is closest to the total points scored in the specified game wins. If this does not break the tie, a random drawing of the eligible entries will be held to select a winner.

For more details about the contest, click here for the Official Rules.