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Staying Organized on Social Media

When you’re managing multiple brands on social media or several different platforms, it can be really difficult to stay organized and post consistently. We stress to our clients constantly that it is important to have a social media presence, but it’s even more important to do it properly.

Any mistakes you make are visible to the public and subject to criticism. It’s important to stay organized in order to avoid these costly mistakes.

Here are some tips and tricks that I use everyday to keep my business social posts and accounts in order:

Mobile Apps

Most social media tools, including schedulers like Hootsuite, have mobile applications. I also use Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Business Manager. Having these apps on your phone allows you to access your schedules, ads and profiles at all times. If I’m sitting around in a waiting room or playing on my phone at lunch, I try to make it a habit to scroll through these apps and check on my business profiles. It’s a lot more productive than refreshing my Instagram or Snap Chat five times in five minutes.

Notification Settings

Everyone has their own preference for notifications, but if you’re a business social media manager, you need to make those types of notifications a priority. If you make a mistake or even have a post that’s performing really well, people are going to react to it. Stay on top of what’s happening by setting your mobile and email notifications to alert you when things are happening on your pages.

Schedule vs. Live

As a time-saver, I schedule the majority of my socials posts on every platform. It’s the best way to make sure that you’re staying consistent no matter how busy or distracted you are. I stay away from scheduling anything that’s not complete and ready to post. If you schedule an incomplete thought you might forget to go back and fill in the details. Instead, set reminders in a different application and create those type of posts live.

Daily Check-In

Don’t set it and forget it. This happens a lot when you’re scheduling your posts. I sometimes see it as an item checked off of my to-do list that doesn’t need to be revisited until it has to be done again. That’s not the right attitude for these interactive social media platforms. You should be checking your ads and posts daily to make sure nothing needs to be adjusted. It may only take you five minutes, just remember to make it a priority and a part of every day.

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