Why DBC?

Delmarva Broadcasting Company leads the way in developing innovative marketing solutions for our clients including event marketing, sales promotions and a broad range of digital & mobile marketing products provided by DBC Interactive.

Why advertise?
People are shopping all the time for your products and services. Advertising brings shoppers to your website, your phone number and ultimately, your door. And remember, we live in the most mobile society
in history. Up to 25% of the market moves every year! Advertising introduces your business to new and different consumers every day. Finally, consumers are bombarded with ever increasing advertising messages. You cannot allow yourself to get lost in the clutter. Advertising reminds your existing customers to continue to buy from your company.

Why radio?
Radio is the original mobile media. In today’s busy world people seem to have more demands on their time than ever before. Whether your customers are picking their kids up after school, working in their yard or relaxing on the beach, radio is there delivering your message. In fact, more than 92% of Americans listen to AM & FM radio each and every week. And they listen a lot. The average American listens to almost 15 hours of AM & FM radio each week.

Why DBC?
Businesses that advertise on our radio stations enjoy a number of advantages that other stations don’t provide:

  • Limited commercials.  Advertisers get the attention they deserve and greater results. Less commercials help your message stand out and get noticed. It also keeps our listeners tuned in longer so they hear your message more often.
  • Great formats.  We target adults because they have the money to spend on your products and services. Our stations outperform the market with consumers that have college educations, above average household incomes and retail spending power.
  • Community service.  Our ongoing community service campaigns have won national recognition and raised millions of dollars for charities on Delmarva. Advertising with us associates your business with these highly respected efforts.



Delmarva Broadcasting Company is part of Steinman Communications, an innovative multi-channel communications group that delivers high quality information and entertainment to diverse audiences through advertising, digital marketing services, printing and database marketing. Other Steinman Communications companies include:

  • Fly After 5:  Think of Fly After 5 as your concierge for nightlife in the Lancaster County region. It’s available in digital, print and social media.
  • La Voz Lancaster: La Voz Lancaster is Lancaster County’s only publication focused on the local Hispanic community. Printed twice each month, La Voz Lancaster offers original and curated content covering all aspects of Hispanic life in Lancaster County and the surrounding area.
  • Lancaster Farming is the “Farmer’s Choice” since 1955, covering many agriculture industries, including dairy, beef, swine, sheep, goat, horse and specialty animal buyers and sellers. It is also the largest farm implement marketplace in the Northeast.
  • Lancaster Farming Locator is the fastest growing farm equipment listing website in the country. It provides a market place for buyers and sellers of farm equipment, construction machinery, vehicles and even auction listings.
  • The Ephrata Review is the voice of Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Started in 1878, the paper is printed weekly and the website provides news throughout the week.
  • The Lititz Record Express has been the community newspaper of one of America’s favorite small towns, Lititz, Pennsylvania, since 1877.
  • LancasterOnline is the leading source of news and information in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. LancasterOnline has a monthly readership of over one million.
  • Delaware Sports Zone: Delaware Sports Zone has all of Delaware’s local high school sports news in one place. View videos, scores, game coverage and the most up to date rankings.
  • LNP Media Group: LNP Media Group delivers the audiences that our advertising and marketing customers seek to reach. Whether you need news media, mobile, digital or specialty publications, LNP Media Group can help you connect with audiences and grow your business.
  • Elizabethtown Advocate: The Elizabethtown Advocate is a weekly newspaper that serves as the voice of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania providing community news, sports updates and in-depth coverage of school issues.
  • The Caucus: The Caucus is a weekly newspaper offering first-rate investigative journalism and state government reporting that can’t be found anywhere else.


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