With all the choices available to marketers these days; traditional, on line, mobile, social, and on and on, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t correctly answer the question, “Which medium reaches more people than any other?”

The answer is RADIO.  Good ol’ over the air FM/AM RADIO

Indeed, Radio’s reach has remained consistent while television’s has eroded in the face of new media options, and millions of viewers cutting the cable cord for online viewing.

Radio weekly reaches more than 247 million Americans weekly – 93% of adults 18+. That surpasses TV (85%), Smartphones (74%), Social Networks (61%), PCs (50%) and Smartphone Video (37%).

And, it’s not a medium just for the older audience. Millennials may be obsessed with social media on their smartphones, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love their Radio as well. In fact, AM/FM Radio dominates in-car audio among Millennials, reaching three out of five persons 18-34. AM/FM radio is 22 times bigger than Pandora and 34 times bigger than Spotify in the car.

Radio is also a superb brand builder, allowing organizations to build top of mind awareness that makes other marketing components work even better. As a compliment to digital marketing, Radio increases awareness up to 450% over that of a digital campaign alone. Market leaders like Geico, whose quotes are now done 75% online, spend significantly in Radio and traditional media to drive awareness and become the ‘click of choice’ when a prospect is searching for a new insurance provider.

A 2017 RAB/Media Monitors study  of six product categories and more than 2100 radio campaigns shows that radio advertising raises search results for advertisers an average of 29%!  Using radio to drive top of mind awareness of your company and offerings helps prospects search more directly for you and notice you within the list of results on the Google search page.

In the era of boundless entertainment choices for your prospective customers, a creative and cost-effective Radio campaign should be the foundation of your ongoing marketing plan.

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