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Geo-fencing: Setting the Hook

As everyone knows, it’s not about just getting in front of clients but offering something of value to capture their interest. With all of the advertising “noise” that goes on throughout a day it’s important to generate a message that can stand out in a crowd. Here are 3 important things to consider to get a Geo-fencing Campaign together that will create value not only for you as the advertiser, but for your potential clients as well:

1.)    Bigger is not always Better

Set your fences smaller to encompass a specific target and avoid ads being lost on clients out of your reach. A good rule of thumb would be to set your radius between 1-2 miles at most, statistically these are more successful at reaching your targeting audience.

2.)    Be Flashy & Fun

Like many species of fish, mobile users are drawn to “flashy” deals & savings or a way to interactive with a brand. Be creative with your message & make it stand out to draw in clients.

Example: If you are using Geo-fencing to target a local Music Festival or Sporting Event create a fun experience for the users to get them engage in your brand. Think about pairing Geo-fencing with something fun like a Scratch & Win Game that offers a “sexy” Grand Price while also offering a consolation prize in the forms of a coupon to be used at the event, for all users that play the game.

3.)    Feed the Immediate Need

Consumers are constantly using their smartphones to browse and compare competitor deals while they are shopping. Use this to your advantage and create ads that pull them in for a bite.

Example: Create a fence within your store or close shopping region and delivery deals to customers as they shop so that it will result in an immediate need satisfaction. 50% off a single item, valid in store today only!

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