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4 Ways to Get More Clients for your Tax Business in 2016

Now that the New Year holiday season is behind us, tax professionals are feeling the pressure of an April 15th filing deadline. If you’re trying to grow your tax business in Delaware, Maryland or Pennsylvania, you still have time to attract new clients in the 2016 tax season.

Here are four quick ways to make 2016 your best year ever.


Email Reminders

Don’t assume last year’s tax clients will reach out to you again. It’s your job to contact each customer and remind them about upcoming deadlines, or ask them to set up an appointment. FMDi makes reaching out easy to past tax client easier by offering customized email options that allow you to send personalized emails to your list, along with an opt-in form that allows tax clients request an appointment. We can also set up a series of reminder emails for clients who don’t contact you after receiving the first email. We can even connect the email to your own scheduling software so tax clients can make their appointment online.

Social Media Reminders

Another way tax pros can reach past clients is with social media ads. Social media ads offer tools that allow
you to limit your ad exposure to your current client list. While not as personal as an email, social media ads increase your credibility and often offer high conversion rates. FMDi can help you sync your email list with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or other platforms. These platform then limit ad distribution to your client list. Note: You will need an email list of about 400 to activate this feature, but your list and information is secure and not used in any other way.


Email Requests for Referrals

You’ve heard it before. The best way to get new clients is though referrals. Have you asked your satisfied tax clients for referrals? Again, a customized email campaign can be a fast way for you to reach a lot of tax clients while still personalizing each and every email. Let us know if you’d like a FMDi representative to contact you and explain your options in more detail.


Search Marketing

While you may be getting busy, this is not the time to hide from your existing and potential clients. Search engines are the first place all types of consumers and clients look for information on products and services, even professional services that they’ve used before. Make sure your firm is ranking high in searches, or your customers may contact your competitors instead.  Let us know if you’d like to find out how FMDi can help.


Local Advertising

Stay in front of your clients and prospects with commercials on Forever Media radio stations and by utilizing other local ad options. Our stations cover 97% of Delaware households, plus nearby Pennsylvania and Maryland counties, and have strong listener-ship among professionals, affluent homeowners and community influences. Our station Web sites had over 8.6 million visits in 2015, nearly 19 million page views and nearly 2 million streaming audio sessions – all opportunities to build your company awareness – AND INCREASE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING

This is the busy season for tax accountants and preparers, but don’t let your short-term tasks take your attention off your long-term game; more clients, more profitable clients, more loyal clients. Contact us now to find out how FMDi can help.

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