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2016: A Social Media Year in Review

From the amount of blogs we’ve posted on the topic of Social Media this year, I’m sure you can conclude that this medium as form of advertising is here to stay, in one form or another. The traditional outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have had to make major updates to stay competitive and relevant amongst thousands of new social media platforms emerging each year.

Here are some of the biggest changes that effected marketers using Social Media in 2016:

  • Instagram Algorithm

    Prior to June 2016, Instagram posts appeared in a user’s feed based on the time they were posted. Instagram followed in its parent company’s footsteps by implementing an algorithm that decides the order of posts based on its relevance to each user. This makes it increasingly difficult for businesses to grow their presence on this platform without paying to advertise.

  • Twitter Character Limits

    While the 140 character limit still remains, Twitter now allows users to attach images and videos without using additional characters. Now marketers can create a message for their brand that is worth much more than 140 characters.

  • Instagram Stories

    In August of 2016, Instagram rolled out their “Stories” feature which gave users a Snapchat-like experience within Instagram. Instagram’s official blog post on the topic claims the feature was created to allow users to “over post” without flooding their follower’s feeds. This is great for businesses because the stories show up at the top of the Instagram feed and may help make up for some of the algorithm impacts we previously mentioned.

  • Facebook Live

    Although this one technically launched in 2015, Facebook Live’s popularity and usage skyrocketed in 2016. This tool gives marketers and personal users a platform to live stream anything to their followers. We’ve seen this work out really well for some brands, and for others not so much…

Can’t keep up with all of the changes? That’s what the FMDi team is here for! Let us help you put together a social media strategy that makes the most of these updates and those yet to come in 2017.

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